Growing up an orphan, Johnny Blackbeard, always dreamed of being in a family and traveling the world on great adventures. Unfortunately none of that happened and he eventually “grew up” and made the decision to stopped dreaming all together. Then one day a knock at the door would change Johnny’s life forever. On that ordinary day an attorney entered Johnny’s meager apartment and informed him that he was the sole heir to the Blackbeard estate—as in Blackbeard the Pirate! Penniless Johnny immediately assumed ownership of his great-great-grandfather’s pirate ship, the Queen Anne’s Revenge, along with a cantankerous parrot and the only three remaining crew members. The Queen Anne’s Revenge is in a horrible state and her wretched crew is in even worse condition. The crew consists of a Peg Leg Pete, a wise-cracking parrot, and three haggard looking, salty dog pirates.

Meet the Crew

Johnny Blackbeard
Johnny A young, guitar-slinging adventurer who loves animals and playing practical jokes. Johnny has decided to take it upon himself to redeem the Blackbeard family name and use the Queen Anne’s Revenge to save animals and educate children about issues like serving the community and Global Warming. Even more of a challenge to Johnny will be convincing his new “family” of Old School pirates to change their ways and “do what’s right” against their every instinct.
Peg Leg Pete
Parrot Torn between duty to his new captain, Johnny, and a desire to return to the “Good ol’ Pirate Days”, Pete is one ill-tempered First Mate.


  • Created by Mark Dacus and David Dacus
  • Lyrics by Mark Dacus
  • Music by Cliff Bradley
  • Illustrated by Derek Hughes