The members of Dr. Strangeblood & The New Zombies have all known each other since the first day their mothers all dropped them off at ABC DayCare. It was at that moment, when all the other children in the sandbox ganged up on them for being different and weird, that they formed a bond.

As the years went by they all grew up in the middle-class, suburban community, Sleepy Hallow Estates, and shared their birthday parties, picnics and science fair projects with each other. In addition to dealing with the dramas of growing up like most kids, the Zombie brothers, Veronica and Dr. Strangeblood had to endure the taunting of their classmates, especially the bullying they received from Larry, Carl and Mitch—the Frolicking Folksmen.


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Meet the Cast

Dr. Strangeblood & the New Zombies

Group Artwork

Dr. Eugene Strangeblood
The budding scientist and wacky inventor. He lives with his mother, who is very supportive of her boy, but she's also creepy and nosy. Dr. Strangeblood's father was an evil genius and he has to constantly fight his desire to do evil on the world. With an I.Q. off the charts, Dr. Strangeblood missed many grades and has several Dr. degrees, now if his social skills would catch up.
The goth "dream girl" keyboard player in the band. She's quick-witted and the social conscience of the band. She secertly loves Dr. Strangeblood, but she'd never admit it. She's always acts tough and in control, but it annoys her that Dr. Strangeblood doesn't feel the same for her.
Zombie Brothers
Iggy, Worm and Boo each exhibit super strength and are all musically gifted. Although they are zombies, they and their parents dress like normal citizens and they do their best to fit in. They are fun-loving and child-like and communicate in grunts. Once the music starts they transform into energized punks.

The Frolicking Folksmen

Group Artwork for the Frolicking Folksmen

Folk singing brothers who present themselves as a love & peace song singing, traditional folk music band, but in reality they are an evil threesome bent on tormenting Dr. Strangeblood & The New Zombies. Much of their resentment stems from the fact that Dr. Strangeblood & The New Zombies are more popular and they all are secretly in love with Veronica.

The lead singer of the Frolicking Folksmen. He's obsessed with his perfect hair and good looks. His favorite pastime is talking about himself.
The bass player for the Frolicking Folksmen. He's the oldest brother and the shortest. He's always challenging Larry for leadership.
The muscle of the group, Mitch is dim-witted and easily distracted by food and "shiney things."

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  • Created by Mark Dacus
  • Lyrics by Mark Dacus
  • Music by Cliff Bradley